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Yatra Centre

Outsrc transformed Figma designs into a sleek WordPress website for Yatra Centre, prioritizing clean aesthetics and efficient development with Bricks Builder and Advanced Themer.

Bricks Builder
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Jul 23

Project Overview

Figma design into WordPress using Bricks Builder

The scope of the project was to replicate the Figma design into WordPress using Bricks Builder. The pages included Services and a blog. The challenge was to create a clean website that performed well and kept the mockup design and micro-interactions.

Yatra Design Style

Tools Used

Efficient Implementation with Bricks Builder and Advanced Themer

Built on WordPress, we used Bricks Builder for its efficiency in delivering a clean and fast website on the frontend. The tool facilitated an organized development process, ensuring quick turnaround times.
The class system created and the meticulous naming of all sections kept the editor organized and aligned with the Figma mockup.
Additionally, we employed the Advanced Themer plugin for effective variable management, ensuring consistency in design.

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