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Topgolf SEA

Elevating corporate presence with a sleek, modern layout. Elementor, custom CSS, GSAP, and Flickity JS converge for a seamless and interactive experience.

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Jun 22

Project Overview

Crafting Corporate Elegance: Topgolf SEA's Modern Edge with Elementor and Custom Code

Topgolf SEA's corporate website stands out with its clean, modern design, featuring intricate overlap sections. Built on Elementor, the project posed challenges, met with innovative solutions through extensive custom CSS. GSAP brought an engaging interactive timeline on scroll, while Flickity JS crafted dynamic sliders for a comprehensive and visually appealing user experience.

Tools Used

Web Mastery Tools: Elementor, Custom CSS, GSAP, Flickity JS

The website's structure relies on Elementor, with custom CSS managing intricate design elements. GSAP adds a touch of interactivity with a scrolling timeline, and Flickity JS seamlessly integrates dynamic sliders, enhancing the overall visual appeal and functionality.

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