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Unveiling a dynamic website with Elementor, GSAP, SVG, and CSS magic. Elevating user experience through captivating animations.

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Mar 22


Project Overview

A Symphony of Elementor, GSAP, SVG, and CSS Magic

The Lytbox project showcases a dynamic website powered by Elementor and enriched with GSAP, SVG, and CSS animations. Multiple elements, including the menu, buttons, background SVG elements, and image reveals, come to life, creating an engaging and immersive user experience.

Tools Used

Technological Marvels Behind Lytbox's Dynamic Symphony

The website's dynamism is achieved through a combination of Elementor, GSAP, SVG, and CSS. Elementor provides a solid foundation, while GSAP adds fluidity to animations. SVG and CSS contribute to the seamless execution of captivating visual elements, enhancing the overall user journey.


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