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Lytbox Academy

Revitalizing online learning with a complete rebuild. Elevating design and functionality with Bricks Builder and custom developed plugins.

Bricks Builder
Custom Plugins
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Sep 23

Project Overview

Lytbox Academy's Dynamic Rebuild with Bricks Builder

The Lytbox Academy project involved a comprehensive rebuild from Elementor, aligning with new design and branding guidelines. Our focus was on setting up refreshed colors, typography, and variables to reflect the updated design. Additionally, we successfully migrated Fluent CRM and Studio Cart data and custom plugins were developed to enhance functionality and user experience.

Tools Used

Efficient Implementation with Bricks Builder and Advanced Themer

In crafting Lytbox Academy’s digital masterpiece, our toolkit was nothing short of revolutionary. The site’s architecture was meticulously sculpted using the powerful Bricks Builder and fine-tuned with the precision of Advanced Themer. Ensuring a seamless transition, we undertook the intricate task of migrating Studio Cart and Fluent CRM data, preserving their integrity.

However, the real magic unfolded with our bespoke plugins:
Auto Add Coupon: Elevating the user experience, this intelligent plugin identifies Pro Members, effortlessly applying exclusive coupons at checkout.
Auto Login: Simplifying user interactions, this custom gem detects registered emails during checkout, prompting users to log in for a smoother experience.
Comments Like Button: Adding a touch of interactivity, this plugin brings a Like button to blog comments, fostering community engagement.
Comments Notification: Enhancing user connection, this plugin sends timely notifications whenever someone responds to their blog comments.

These custom plugins not only elevate functionality but redefine user engagement, ensuring Lytbox Academy’s digital presence is as dynamic as its educational offerings.

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