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Bricks Builder vs. Elementor: Why OUTsrc Chooses Bricks for Superior Performance and Design Consistency

Read More About Bricks Builder vs. Elementor: Why OUTsrc Chooses Bricks for Superior Performance and Design Consistency


When it comes to WordPress page builders, Bricks Builder and Elementor stand out as leading options, each offering a unique set of features tailored to enhance web development and design. At OUTsrc, after careful consideration, Bricks Builder has been selected as our preferred tool for website development. Here’s a detailed comparison and our rationale behind this choice.

Design and Usability

Elementor is renowned for its user-friendly interface, with a plethora of widgets and templates that cater to users of all skill levels. It offers convenient drag-and-drop functionality and responsive design controls, making it a favorite among beginners and professionals alike.

Bricks Builder, though newer, emphasizes performance and flexibility. Its minimalist approach may come with a slightly steeper learning curve, but it rewards users with greater control and a more integrated development experience, allowing for real-time editing directly on the web page.

Performance and Efficiency

In performance comparisons, Bricks Builder takes the lead due to its streamlined, less bloated approach. Elementor, while powerful, can slow down websites due to additional code and scripts, which can negatively impact both user experience and SEO.

Bricks Builder’s lean build ensures that websites load faster, providing an edge in a digital landscape where speed is paramount. This is particularly crucial for OUTsrc, as we prioritize high-performing websites to better serve our clients and improve search engine rankings.

Advanced CSS Handling with Bricks Builder

A distinguishing feature of Bricks Builder is its superior handling of CSS classes. This functionality allows OUTsrc developers to:

  • Maintain Design Consistency: Apply predefined CSS classes across various elements, ensuring a uniform look throughout the website.
  • Enhance Workflow Efficiency: Reduce repetitive code and streamline design processes by using utility classes and custom CSS.
  • Facilitate Easy Updates: Implement design changes universally by modifying a single CSS class, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

These CSS capabilities enable our team to build sites that are not only visually consistent but also easier to manage and update, aligning with OUTsrc’s commitment to delivering exemplary digital solutions.

Pricing and Community Support

While Elementor offers a free version with essential features, its Pro version is necessary for full functionality, which comes at a cost. Bricks Builder, on the other hand, offers full access at a competitive price without tiered features, making it economically advantageous for agency-wide deployment.


Considering the critical needs of performance, design consistency, and economic efficiency, Bricks Builder stands out as the superior choice for OUTsrc. Its advantages in speed, streamlined CSS class management, and a single, comprehensive licensing model make it ideal for our operations.

We believe that Bricks Builder not only meets but exceeds our needs, enhancing our ability to serve our clients effectively. By choosing Bricks Builder, OUTsrc is better equipped to tackle current and future web development challenges, ensuring a robust, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing digital presence for our clients.

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